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Our Pitmasters

John Lindsey

All Q'ued Up

John Lindsey is the Grillmaster of the All Q’ued Up Competition Cooking team and is a sought after grilling instructor, teacher, and talk show personality. He has a full line of seasonings and rubs and is a co host of the popular facebook cooking talk show, Arkassippi Smoke Live.

John Bolton

Cooking With the Wolfpack

Known as a fierce competitor and social media influencer with his YouTube channel, “Cooking With the Wolfpack,” John Bolton has been a consistent fixture on the Steak Cookoff Association Circuit and local backyard BBQ competitions. An annual competitor at the SCA World Championships, John has 34 Top 10 finishes, including 6 1st place walks since moving from Tennessee to California. John has been cooking competitively for 8 years and currently resides in San Jose, California.

Steve Conaway

Part Time BBQ

Burning charcoal, smoking and grilling meat competitively in KCBS and SCA event with notoriety and recognition since 2014.
Grand Championed with 700+ points @ America’s Finest State Championship in San Diego CA. Qualified to attend The American Royal.
Numerous walks in Brisket (180 pin earned), Chicken, Ribs and Pork.
SCA State Points Leader in 2021 for California
Placed 36th in the SCA World Finals 2020
Utah BBQ Pitstop Series 3rd place finish 2021
Utah BBQ Pitstop Series 1st place finish 2022
Southwest (CA, AZ, NV, UT) Series 1st place finish 2022

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Josh SchlutermanBen Crozier

BaumBQ Squad Tailgate Team

Josh Schluterman of Bentonville, AR and
Ben Crozier of Rogers, AR started cooking together in the Hog Pen at Arkansas’ Baum Stadium over 20 years ago. In 2004, the Hog Pen regulars moved outside the stadium to what is now known as Tailgater’s Row where they have become anchors of the three-day tailgate
parties in the best college baseball environment in the country. Over the past several years, they have expanded their focus to competitive cooking, mostly through the SCA. Both qualified for the SCA World Championship in both Steak and Ancillary each of the
last two seasons. In 2021, Josh had 4 SCA Steak wins along with 2 Ancillary wins on his way to finishing in the top 50 in the country. Ben picked up his first Steak win this year in his first full season. Between about 30 tailgating dates, 20 competition dates,
and various school and charity functions, we constantly look for opportunities to light the fire and spend time with family and friends outdoors.

Frank Davis, Pitmaster

Big Papa’s Cook Team

Frank Davis, aka Big Papa, has been cooking for over 3 decades. He has owned his own restaurant and was the food service director over several Georgia State Agencies. Grilling and smoking are his passion and he loves to share his talents with others He is always up to the challenge in bbq, steak, or any ancillary competition.

Brennon Nielson

Sevier BBQ Addicts

Brennon Nielson with Sevier BBQ Addicts out of Richfield Utah. Competing in SCA events since 2019. Multiple 1st place championships and numerous top 10 finishes. Placed 2nd overall in the 2021 UTAH BBQ Pitstop STATE Steak Championship Series. I have made many amazing friendships on this steak cooking adventure and am excited for the next adventure ahead. I’m proud to represent Papa’s Grilling Products and be a Prostaff Team Member.

BJ Greene

41- Married to Amanda Greene
Father to Maggie, Cole, Banks Bridge
High School Principal and AD at Carlisle High School, Carlisle, AR
Three years cooking competitively in the SCA and one phenomenal Competion Cook!

Morgan Strunk

From Moorpark, California.
I started barbecuing in the backyard in 2012
Joined the SCA in July 2020 and competed in my first comp in November 2020
Won my first Golden Ticket in July 2021
I finished the season 116th in the USA
Went to my first SCA World Championships in March 2022. I finished 18th out of 50 in my group, just missing out of making the finals
Finished 5th place in the inaugural West Coast Steak Championship points race
Won my Golden Ticket in November 2022
I am a member of:
Team Arkassippi
Team Flaps20
Team MGrills
Team Papa’s Grilling Products

Freddy RomanChristine

Tri-City Pitmasters

We are a couple/ educators that have lost so many times that every time we win we consider ourselves lucky. We also promote bbq and SCA events to raise money for different charities.

In competition we are considered one of the best Tri Tip cookers in the Southwest.

Fidel Astorga

Utah BBQ Company

My name is Fidel Astorga. I started cooking competition bbq in 2013. We were a family team consisting of my wife and two boys. When my kids got older they could no longer go with me to bbq competitions so I teamed up with two other cooks from Utah and formed the Utah BBQ Company. We have cooked all over the country and loved doing it. In 2015 I was able to win my first World Brisket Championship and have been hooked on bbq ever since. In 2019 my son started cooking in the Steak Cook-off competitions. We loved cooking side by side. In 2021 we both qualified to cook at the 2022 Steak World Finals in Fort Worth, TX. I believe we are now both hooked.

Brent Howard

53 years old
lives in Mountain View Arkansas
Been cooking steaks on SCA circuit 2 1/2 years
Grill of choice is a CampChef Woodwind Pellet Grill
Pellet of choice is Papa’s hickory/charcoal blend
wife-Melissa 2 kids-Kate and Kaylee
occupation-Superintendent MVSD
Hobbies- None Now Cooking all the time

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