Apple Flavor Grilling Pellet

UPC: 851661004063

Papa’s Premium Apple grilling and smoking pellets are amazing for grilling with poultry or pork. Apple contains a lighter, more fruity flavor.

How to Use Pellets:

Using Pellets

When initially filling the hopper of a pellet grill, the pellets will need to travel down the delivery tube into the firebox before grilling or smoking can begin. It may be necessary to remove pieces of your grill to see the firebox and know when the pellets have started spilling in.
Once the pellets reach this point and begin to burn, place all parts back into the grill and set the temperature to your desired level. See the grill manufacturer’s instructions for details and specifics on these steps.


Store unused pellets in a clean, dry area.

If you experience temperature swings or inaccurate temperatures on your grill, try cleaning any residual ash to ensure the pellets continue to burn clean and the sensors are working properly. See the grill manufacturer’s instructions for proper care.

Product specs

100% all natural Apple with Oak base
Unit Weight
Bag Size
14.5″ x 22″ x 4″




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